SKyPRO Launches Academic Starter-Pack for GroupWise



SKyPRO Launches Academic Starter-Pack for GroupWise


SKyPRO Launches Academic Starter-Pack for GroupWise Customers Worldwide

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Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

SKyPRO announced together with Novell TTP the availability of the SKyPRO Academic Starter-Pack. This special offer to all academic Novell GroupWise customers is available until the end of February 2013.

SKyPRO's Academic Starter-Pack is meant for Novell's academic customer base. The offer contains of annual subscriptions for 5 GWTalk Professional users as well as a 5 user SKySMS server subscription at a highly discounted rate. The intention is that the IT department and IT management can access these valuable integrations of newly emerged electronic dialog channels at introductionary cost to see first hand that GroupWise is up to date in todays collaboration solution market.

"'This Starter-Pack allows (academic) users to explore the functionality of the SKyPRO products and discover the great value-add they bring to GroupWise users," says Peter Atkins, Novell, Global Academic Programs & TTP. "GWTalk and SKySMS are solutions that add value and show that GroupWise is still on the very top of the collaboration solution market."

More information on SKyPRO's Academic Starter-Pack, GWTalk and SKySMS can be found at/sas.aspx.

SKyPRO is a 25 year old unified communications company based in Switzerland. SKyPRO has offices in Switzerland, the United States and Eastern Europe.