SKyPRO introduces a new archiving feature in FaxGwise - Backup Manager!



SKyPRO introduces a new archiving feature in FaxGwise - Backup Manager!


SKyPRO introduces a new archiving feature in FaxGwise - Backup Manager!

(PresseBox) (Cham, 03.11.2016)

SKyPRO is constantly improving FaxGwise based on customer feedback and feature requests. The Backup Manager is especially designed for system administrators of big companies who deal with data storage every day. It reduces the information volume stored in the FaxGwise application by periodically archiving and storing it in the form of zip-files. In addition, the FaxGwise users can schedule backup intervals and choose a backup method - move or copy data to the archive. The archived information can also be restored at any time.

FaxGwise is a server-based, FoIP-capable fax solution by SKyPRO. It is compatible with common PBXs and integrates with popular email systems like Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and Novell GroupWise. FaxGwise allows you to send, receive and manage faxes from any device or location you can access your mailbox. The integrated email-to-fax gateway provides countless integration opportunities into other programs and workflows. FaxGwise turns a traditional way of exchanging paper documents into an integrated, compatible and compliant communication channel.

"A server-based fax system is easier to maintain, manage, update, keeping redundant, compliant and running than having multiple stand-alone fax machines spread out in your environment," says Christian Karch, COO of SKyPRO USA. "The newest version of FaxGwise makes it even easier to allow the system administrators to keep the data base clean and the necessary data archived and available for restoring. We are continuously improving our fax solution by adding features that our customers request, and by keeping the solution as flexible as possible."

The all new FaxGwise server 6.0.32 is available on SKyPRO's website. Free evaluation installations with complimentary remote support during installation and setup are available.


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