Open source cloud computing lagging behind



Open source cloud computing lagging behind


Use of cloud computing in the form of cloud email archiving and cloud storage are growing, but open source cloud-based services are lagging a bit behind.

A new survey showed that only 18 percent of IT specialists have deployed an open source cloud management platform, reported Network World.

According to TechTarget, it's unclear if open source cloud-based certifications will be useful to IT employees and those who are searching for jobs. Even though many IT specialists are cloud-savvy, their default is not open source systems and services, reported the news source.

An open source distributor recently received a lot of flak from research firm Gartner for generating too much hype around open source cloud computing. Gartner argued that consumers were being led to believe that open source could be equated to a widely-adopted standard.

"[The report] touches on a lot of different points," said Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the open source provider, in response, according to NetworkWorld. "We're early on in this technology shift," he said.

It is expected that debates around open source computing will continue as technology develops.