FaxGwise Newsflash: You give us feedback, we give you new features! (Part 2)




We continue improving our software to make it even more useful and practical. You, our customers are our best advisers - thank you for your feedback and great feature requests! Today we are introducing the following new features that we implemented into the FaxGwise client based on your comments:
Feature № 1 "Address Book list for name completion"

The list of your email address books used by the FaxGwise client for the automated name completion now can be saved for each email account separately on a particular workstation.


Feature № 2 "Different formats of fax body"

Now there are 2 formats of fax body available:

  • RTF (it is possible to change fonts, add pictures and signatures)
  • Plain text (only text available, fonts can be changed only in templates)



Feature № 3 "Outgoing fax state directly from the GroupWise context menu"

View the status of your outgoing fax just in a few clicks:

  • Right click the fax you need in your GroupWise mailbox
  • Request a state report from the context menu.



Feature № 4 "Editing options of sender info in main window"

Sometimes when it comes to fax sending a sender's contact details need to be edited or viewed before sending a fax. Now you can do both in the FaxGwise client main window:


Feature № 5 New FaxGwise client printer

Now there is SKyPRO's own printer to process fax documents with the FaxGwise client! And it is the only printer needed!
Download the new FaxGwise client here.

Your opinion counts! Please let us know what you think of our software: SKyPRO Support Team.
Every feedback will be read and discussed within our team.