1 + 1 = 3. Maintainet and SKyPRO teaming up!



1 + 1 = 3. Maintainet and SKyPRO teaming up!


Two of the IT world's established companies announce that they are joining forces to improve service for their existing customer base and expanding together into new markets.


(PresseBox) (Orlando, FL, USA, 18.09.2013) September 18th, 2013 Orlando, FL. Maintainet and SKyPRO announced that the two companies are working together and sharing resources for their ongoing businesses as well as exploring new markets together.

"Using our combined expertise in Identity management and enterprise communication allows us to improve the products and services that we already offer", says Horst Fuhrmann, Board Member for SKyPRO and Maintainet AG. "With the synergies that are being created through this collaboration we can expand our offerings into new markets and serve customers on a global scale".

"Additionally this partnership benefits from a strong and focused team with more than 80 employees." adds Michael R. Sturm, Board Member for Maintainet and SKyPRO, "We are learning a lot from each other and support our new colleagues where it is needed."

Both companies will keep their office locations and customers. The first phase of collaboration between them is based on the exchange of know-how and common resources and is already delivering positive results.

At an executive level Horst Fuhrmann has become Maintainet's new CFO, Michael Sturm has taken responsibility for global sales as CSO for both companies and Christian Karch is the new CMO in charge for marketing.

Maintainet AG was founded in 1998 in Gelnhausen, east of Frankfurt am Main, Germany and has its branches in Gelnhausen and Leipzig. The company's four core competences are:
consulting / comprehensive planning of 'the complete Novell and NetIQ portfolio', implementing solutions ready for hand-over a software development department for customized software solutions 24x7 maintenance, remote management and monitoring and operating support global training for Novell and NetIQ at the highest Level

SKyPRO is a communications software company based in Switzerland. SKyPRO was founded 1987 and has offices in Switzerland, the United States and Eastern Europe. SKyPRO also has expertise in Identity management and specializes in creating connectors to build an intelligent identity management framework to service your enterprise - both inside the firewall and into the cloud.

SKyPRO CH: Gewerbestrasse 7, 6330 Cham, Switzerland. Call + 41 41 741 47 70
Maintainet AG: Zum Wartturm 9m 63571 Gelnhausen. Call + 49 6051 83260
SKyPRO USA: 4700 Millenia Blvd, Orlando, FL 32839. Call + 1 407 442 0285