SKySMS integrates enterprise text messaging into
Novell GroupWise





What is SKySMS?

SMS text messages are one of the most efficient way to communicate. SKySMS allows users to send, edit and receive SMS text messages directly from their Novell GroupWise and Gmail environments. By integrating all text messaging related information and maintaining a complete history SKySMS ensures compliance. Now you can send and receive SMS due to our 2 way SMS Gateway.

SMS messages

When creating a new text message the recipient can be entered directly or be chosen from a GroupWise/Gmail address book. SMS messages can be sent to multiple recipients at the same time, just as you would an email.

SKySMS server

The SKySMS server is easy to install and allows the administrator to configure and manage all enabled users to send text messages using the SKySMS client directly from GroupWise/Gmail or any other mailbox. A default connection to the "2 way SKyPRO SMS Gateway" ensures that text messages are sent/received immediately at competitive rates.

SKySMS Client SKySMS Server