Securely send, receive and manage faxes within Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange and Gmail.






What is FaxGwise?

FaxGwise is an integrated fax solution that enhances security and convenience by bringing the way you send and receive faxes to the 21st century. It is a cost-efficient way for organizations to send and receive faxes directly from Microsoft Exchange, Gmail or GroupWise, as well as from any windows application.

Send a fax to multiple recipients simultaneously

Using FaxGwise, a fax can be sent to multiple recipients at the same time, just like you are used to with emails.

Workflow integration

FaxGwise supports all common file formats. Users can easily send documents e.g. Word or Excel via fax. Incoming faxes arrive in the mailbox like email with the fax message as a PDF attachment. There are many delivery and routing options to maximize your security and convenience.

Sending faxes via Windows

Add-ons for Microsoft Office make it easy to send faxes directly from Word, Excel and Co.. Simply choose the FaxGwise printer to send a fax.

Convenient and flexible

With FaxGwise a fax is being created like an email. Accessing existing address books to choose recipients, drag and drop documents into new fax windows, auto fill sender and receiver contact details on customizable cover pages.

FaxGwise is very flexible, as it can integrate with 3rd party soft and hardware via an email-to-fax-gateway.


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